Revocable Living Trust

Created as an entity into which assets can be placed for normal use during your lifetime and then be available for distribution to anyone you select after your death.

  • Designed to pass your assets to your loved ones as you planned.
  • Eliminates the delay and cost of probate.
  • Created with a document known as a Declaration of Trust or Trust Agreement.
  • This legal document contains articles which name who you want to leave your estate to.
  • This legal document contains articles which state how, you want to leave your assets.
  • Can also be called by its common name, a ‚Äúrevocable living trust”.

Described as “living” because the trust is:

  • Created while you are alive.
  • Survives you at death.
  • Will distribute your assets per your instructions.

Revocable Living Trust:

  • Can guard your assets from Medi-Cal/Medi-Care collections.
  • Survives the disability of the Trustor/Settler.
  • Provides special asset protection.

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